Morgan Aubert

A self taught, French born Software Engineer


I'm a curious developer / creative software engineer

About me

I am an all-round Software Engineer with a focus on web development. Recently, I've been working in the fields of backend and frontend web development, software deployment, distributed systems and networking. I love building all kinds of software and I appreciate good design and architecture.

Morgan Aubert

General information

Full name:
Morgan Aubert

28 years old

Montréal, Canada


My education and experience


Grenoble-INP E.S.I.S.A.R. University

2010 – 2013

Master's degree in Engineering

Master's Degree in IT Engineering, specialized in Network administration & Embedded Systems.

  Software Engineering   Algoritmics   C Programming   Java Programming   Computational mathematics   Network and system Administration   Embedded Systems   Real-Time Systems

Montpellier Institute of Technology

2008 – 2010

Two year degree in Networks and Telecommunications

Two year university programs leading to an H.N.D. (DUT) "Networks & Telecommunications".

  C Programming   Java Programming   Network and system Administration   Web Programming   Network Engineering   Telecommunications

Lycée Docteur Lacroix

Jun 2007

High School Diploma

Scientific High School Diploma (Baccalaurat - A level).


Impak Finance

Jun 2017 – Present

Back-End Engineer

Impak Finance is a Montréal startup dedicated to the development of the impact economy. It is working to create a bank that will use its money for profitable projects that have a positive impact on society and the environment. In this light I contribute to the development of Impak Finance products. Recently I've been involved in the conception and development of the platform powering an ICO (Initial Coin Offering) allowing to buy impak Coins - a cryptocurrency designed to support the growth of the impact economy.

  Software Engineering   Python Development   Web Development   Django Framework   Ansible   Docker   Amazon Web Services

Savoir-faire Linux

Jan 2016 – Jun 2017

Software Engineer

Savoir-faire Linux is a specialist in the professional implementation of Open Source Software. The company provides expertise on Open Source software through services such as consulting and development. In this light I designed and I developed modern web applications based on Open Source solutions. I worked on the design and the developement of the next release of Érudit platform -, which is the largest provider of Canadian French and bilingual research publications in North America.

  Software Engineering   Python Development   Web Development   Django Framework   Project Management   Ansible


Jul 2013 – Dec 2015

Software Engineer

Kapt is a full service internet company with a focus on providing solutions for the tourism industry. In this light I designed and contributed to the development of an ERP software solution for tourism professionals. I developed a lot of web applications such as - a matchmaking platform between travelers and accommodation owners - or - a guide of tourist attractions. I also maintained some interactive products based on touch-sensitive interfaces. Finally I was doing a bit of system administration to ensure that Kapt products keep working properly!

  Software Engineering   Python Development   Web Development   Django Framework   Project Management   Embedded Linux


Feb 2013 – Jul 2013

Software Engineer

5-months internship at Kapt, full service internet company. During this internship, I designed and developed an interactive touch-sensitive product and contributed to the construction of the Linux system embedded in this hardware. The solution was initially running on x86 based software and hardware and I migrated the product to an ARM based solution. I also developed communication tools based on the NFC technology.

  Software Engineering   Python Development   Django Framework   Project Management   Embedded Linux   ARM   NFC


Jan 2012 – Jul 2012

Embedded Systems Engineer

Industrial Project, conducted in a company specialized in drilling activities (rent of jumbo drill). During this project I contributed to the evolution of a jumbo drill control application in order to make its configuration dynamic and I migrated the solution to a real-time Linux system (Xenomai).

  Software Engineering   C Development   Project Management   Real-Time Linux   Xenomai Framework   Embedded target   CAN bus

Trafic Transport Sûreté

Mar 2010 – Jun 2010

Multiservice Network technician and Developer

Last internship before diploma obtention (DUT), conducted in a company specialized in multi-service networks (videosurveillance). Installation and supervision of video surveillance networks. C++ programming (NVR test client, RTSP server).

   C++ Development   Multiservice Network   Network Monitoring


I can say i’m quite good at

Software development


Django Framework

Flask Framework



Sass, LESS

Bourne shell scripting



Databases / Stores







DevOps tools





Frontend Libraries and Frameworks


Twitter Bootstrap





French (mother tongue)







In my spare time I like to

New technologies

I am interested in new technologies. Regularly I try to keep contact with new advances in the areas of web and computer services which are intended to the professional world or the public.


I like learning new tricks on programming by writing some programs or by reading specialized books. My favorite social network is Github. I love building stuff from scratch and I contribute to free software, mainly Django-related libraries.


I have a so varied taste in music that I think I could listen to music for days! I have a lot of playlists on Spotify, really. I have also played the guitar since I was 10 years old. I try to cover many musical styles: classical, jazz, rock, blues, etc.


I love reading. I read all kinds of novels (thrillers, detective stories, fantasy books) and I read books specialized in computers or networks.


I love travelling and discovering new things : new people, other cultures, different habits... Spain, England, Canada, United States or Scotland are some of the places where I travelled.